Welcome to Blue Fish Clothing, your home for organic, beautiful, wearable art since 1986. When Jennifer Barclay founded Blue Fish Clothing in Frenchtown, New Jersey at age 17, she wanted to make creative, fun, comfortable clothes that said “I am me!”.

The energy that creates beauty is eternal. Blue Fish began as a dream. A desire to dress individually and expressively.” – Jennifer Barclay

All About Blue Fish – By Jennifer Barclay

Always Artisan

From the beginning of the design process, people are involved hand and heart.

Since 1986, when Jennifer Barclay began making clothing in her parents’ garage, every single piece of the hundreds of thousands of Blue Fish garments that have been made have been printed by an artisan’s hand. The design process begins with concepts and ideas that are sketched by hand then move through many steps and are transformed into the reality of beautiful, collectible garments.

From travels, dreams, and interests, inspiration is found.

Our print blocks are designed and hand-carved by us. Then, for every collection a new palette of color is developed.

The artisans of Blue Fish, each embodying our creative spirit for composition, begin to create. We have developed our own method of printing, which is based on hand block printing and includes elements of mono-and hand-painting. (We are happy to employ local artisans, moms, and others to form our Blue Fish family- we’re all proud of what we are creating.)

All of the clothes we make are and always have been produced in the U.S.

Made in the USA

Blue Fish Clothing is, and always has been, 100% made in the USA from start to finish. How many US-based companies can honestly say this?

At Blue Fish we think that honoring all of the people who contribute to making our clothing, and reducing our impact on the environment, is an obligation to humanity. We have never been able to imagine our manufacturing process any other way. That is why we’ve been using organic cotton that is spun in South Carolina since 1995. Our clothing is sewn and dyed in New Jersey with two small companies that we have been working with for 25 years and who abide by strict labor laws.

The final stage of our manufacturing hardly looks like “manufacturing.” When the clothes arrive, our talented studio artists in New Jersey and Iowa hand print designs onto the clothes that they have carved from lino-blocks.

When you wear Blue Fish, you can be sure that you are supporting ethically made clothing that has been steeped in love and creativity at every stage. We feel honored to make quality, organic clothing for you. Thank you for supporting a company that is US-based to the root!


Fabric Care


Blue Fish is made with natural fibers – organically grown cotton jersey, hemp, linen, silk, cotton denim, cotton stretch and tencel/rayon blends. We are always searching for innovative earth friendly fabrics to create our designs, so we will continue to add new natural fibers to our ever changing collections.

When laundering with traditional detergents, we prefer to use a mild liquid soap.

Because our fabrics are made without pesticides, we prefer to use an organic laundry soap available at any health food stores. Laundering your printed pieces inside out will help to preserve your prints and keep your Blue Fish looking like new much longer.

Please do not use a liquid soap that may contain bleaching agents or color enhancers as this could affect the color of your piece. We have also found powdered soaps to be abrasive and will therefore cause more fabric fade.


Most of the fabrics and styles in our collections may be dried on a low or tumble dry setting in the clothes dryer for about 15 to 20 minutes and then hung or laid flat to finish drying.

All garments are preshrunk.

If you hang your pieces outside to dry please be sure to dry them in the shade to avoid fading from the sun. We have found that some time in the dryer enhances the softness of the pieces and will also eliminate the need to iron for most of us.


When necessary, we prefer to steam our styles to remove wrinkles. Steaming the garments gives a softer appearance. Ironing gives the styles a crisper look.


If you choose to iron your pieces, we recommend that you iron inside out on a low temperature setting.


We recommend wrapping our artisan made ceramic buttons in aluminum foil before washing and drying to prevent breakage.

Organic Since 1995

At Blue Fish, we use organic fibers, recycled cottons, and other natural fibers such as hemp, linen, and silk blends. A lot of our buttons are hand made, vintage, or recycled. It’s a step toward a people and planet friendly style of clothing. ( – organic farming means relying on what mother nature gives you. )

In 1995 we first learned of the damaging effect of traditionally grown cotton on a global scale, and we changed our production habits immediately. We began to use organically grown cotton materials whenever possible. We are happy to do our part to help support a healthier people and planet.

Currently, traditional cotton agriculture uses twenty-five percent of insecticides and ten percent of the world’s pesticides, but represents only three percent of the world’s crops. Organic cotton has never known chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other dangerous chemical agents. Additionally, no chemicals are applied in the harvesting, cleaning, spinning, or knitting of organic cotton. This also means that the chemicals used in conventional cotton aren’t being released into the air and surface water during farming or processing. Beneficial insects keep other bugs under control, crop rotation maintains fertility, and weeds are battled with precision tilling. When the first frost of winter comes, the cotton readies itself for picking according to a seasonal rhythm. Organic cotton is grown from the heart as well as the soil by farmers who care about the earth and all of us.