Due to the one of a kind nature of our clothing, our sizing can vary from collection to collection. Ask our personal shoppers for measurements and comparisons between styles so that you are able to get the best fit. Also, be sure to check each individual item listed for specific measurements of the clothing, to help you decide which size will be the most comfortable for you.

When choosing a size please take into consideration your height, body type and/or the way you like to wear your clothing.

For example: A customer who is a size 10 might try a size 0 for a closer fit, or a size up for an elegantly draped piece.
Have fun, create your own style, there are no rules!


These sizes are approximate and will vary in differing collections. Remember, you might wear a combination of sizes depending on your body shape, and how you prefer the drape of your clothes. Please check the measurements on each individual piece on every item page. Here is a basic outline of the sizes in each collection:

0 – size 2 to size 10

1 – size 10 to size 14 or 16

2 – size 16 to size 20 or 22

3 – only available in our studio tees & some tunics, designed for women who like to wear a more generous fitting top.

O/S – one size that fits most customers
If you are unsure of which size is best for you, please call or email us!

email: service@bluefishclothing.com