In response to many requests for more specialness and more art, we created a new category of hand painting/printing to order – it’s called Gallery Print! A great deal of work and care goes into each gallery print including many layers of block print and a lot of hand painted detail. Each studio artist will print their signature on every garment they print and paint (usually inside the hem). I love signature blocks because they connect the wearer to the maker, the real artists right here in our studio who, everyday, spends hours putting love and thought and their art into each piece they touch. Our artists say they feel very happy working on these new gallery designs because they are so beautiful and require a higher level of creativity and attention.


Step 1: The designers look for inspiration and do their research. inspiration can come from anywhere, books, nature, travel, magazines, other people, fabric, art.
inspiration is infinite. patterns, colors and the final design image for each style in a collection are created.

Step 2. Once they find their inspiration, Jen and her team start picking patterns and prepare the blocks. the blocks are painstakingly carved by hand. many blocks may be needed to make up the layering of pattern and color of a complex design.

Step 3. Once the colors are mixed, the print artist hand paints the back block in sections and carefully lays them on the fabric to serve as the first layer.

Step 4. Carved pattern blocks for each layer are painted and pressed onto the garment layer by layer until the design is complete.


Step 5. The geisha is masked so the fan and the background lotus blooms can be added in without printing over the portrait.

Step 6. Details are carefully hand painted in. This is where the artists really has a chance to express themselves. the garment then goes through heat setting and finishing (like hand selected buttons) and it’s ready for you, our dear customers.