blue fish is always green:

• Blue Fish uses organic cotton.  In 1995, we found out how much pesticide was used in the production of cotton.  Jennifer Barclay, the owner and designer of blue fish immediately switched to organic cotton and we have been making clothes using organic cotton ever since.  Less pesticides for all of us!

• Blue Fish reduces, re-uses and recycles.  All our stores recycle paper products, metal and plastic.  Our beautiful new store in Fairfield was built using fascinating reclaimed items, like barn wood floors, arches from Pakistan, old car parts, sheet metal siding and American Clay walls. We also have installed eco-friendly features like sky-lights and low-flush toilets.

• Blue Fish makes all our clothes in the USA, so we use less fuel in the transport of our products.

• Blue Fish sends receipts by email so store customers do not have to take paper receipts.

• Blue Fish features their styles on their web store rather than printing a paper catalog.

blue fish will be greener this Earth Day:

Blue Fish is joining the Arbor Day Foundation this year, and with our membership 10 trees are planted in our nation’s forests.

 Blue Fish is offering a special Buy Local Deal!

  • If you buy in store during earth week you get an extra 10% off
  • Bring your own bag, get an extra $3.00 off
  • Email receipt get a $1.00 off

Because just buying Blue Fish is a green way to shop, we will put more green in your pocket by offering free shipping this weekend.  Stock up and take advantage of this offer and save fuel by ordering everything you want in one shipment.

Here are a few ways you can be greener:

• Buying items that last a long time helps to protect the environment and your wallet. A wise man once said “buy the best you can afford so it will last the longest”!  20 some years later, Blue Fish customers are still wearing and enjoying their Blue Fish clothes.

As our friend Brigitte Barlos  told us recently “Blue Fish makes the best clothes on the planet. I have outfits that may have cost a pretty penny, but they’re still just as cool – if not cooler – than they were 20 years ago, which also makes this the most affordable line of clothing!”

•  Buy local

• Plant a tree.

•  If you really don’t need the receipt, saves some trees and pass on the extra paper.  Blue Fish Frenchtown and Blue Fish Fairfield can email your receipt.

• BYOB – Bring Your Own Bag! Blue Fish has designed and made wonderfully big, sturdy and artful cloth bags that can hold practically anything.