Blue Fish has been a lagenlook clothing company since the beginning. Nobody loves layering more than we do!

Lagenlook means “layered look” in German, and has been a popular way of dressing in Europe for some time. But Blue Fish fans have turned it into a distinctive Made in America look. From our layering tees and tanks, to our midlayers and shifts with a vest or jacket to top it off, our collections are designed to layer and layer and layer. Three layers…four layers, five – it all works with these styles.

We love this look for so many reasons!

  • First it’s a great way to express your sense of color and style with different prints and styles. It becomes a work of art in itself to see your outfit come together!
  • Second it recalls a time when women wore beautiful flowing clothing all the time…a nostalgic call back to Victorian and Edwardian dressing.
  • Third it is forgiving to all body types.

Our clothes are comfy and cozy and light and flowing, adjust your wardrobe by fabric type for wherever you live!

Lagenlook 101 -  the Blue Fish Way


Dandelion Tissue Tank


Tissue Layer Top


Tissue Tie Legging

First start with a layering top and bottom: a tank, tee, & legging. Pick a style in tissue weight cotton, or our organic cotton jersey.


Whimsical Shift


Linen Lily Apron


Linen Tulip Skirt

Second grab a midlayer! We recommend a shift, apron or skirt. Use a linen or silk style to give the look texture. Pick something with a print to add a little pop of color.


Juxta Wrap


Wild Gathers Cardi

Monarch Vest

Monarch Vest

Third add a layering cardi, vest, or light jacket. Pick something with texture or a bold print… or tone down the look with a neutral if you are going to add another layer.


Calypso Duster


Silk Cardi Coat


Babielle Linen Dress

Fourth throw on a jacket or coat. Heading out? Just love a jacket? Get in game here! What’s another layer? Just want to rock one stand-alone piece…like the perfect dress? This is your moment!


Primrose Arm Tubes


Arabesque Glovelette


Linen Day Bag

Fifth accessorize… This is where it gets fun. Now’s the chance to really express yourself, and finish your look. Wrap a belt, drape a scarf, dangle a handful of necklaces.


Make it your own – skip steps reverse steps …have fun. As you get more confident, getting dressed every day will be a personally fulfilling expression of your artistic spirit.

As always there are no rules in Blue Fish Land!