Screenprinting has always intrigued our print artists so we thought “why not try something new?” We had been wanting to screenprint a collection for some time…and finally got our dye/print studio ready! It has been an intensive process, from building the studio to fit our needs, to experimenting with discharge dyeing, to creating a new print collection. Here is our journey!

A drawing is placed on the screen, then exposed to light.


So many designs


Close-up of exposed screen before revealing the design


Clearing the screen


Discharge ink is applied


Printing in repeat. The ink appears dull before being heat cured.

So many screens!


After being heat cured


The square tunic after being heat cured

Clean up time.

Photoshoot Time!

Square block sweatshirt & Rayon Legging


Square Tunic


Drafting Tunic


Cityscape Dress

We found the final result of this new process to be very fulfilling, & are very excited about screen printing, and the possibilities it brings to us as artists!

To see the whole collection click here > BLUEPRINT