Taos Store News

August 13, 2015


Our Former Blue Fish Store in Taos

Hello all, we hope you are still enjoying your summertime! Watch for some wonderful pieces coming soon – We have been busy in the studio creating lovely pieces for you!
Please remember to look at the various color availabilities for each style as every one is handprinted differently.

Jennifer and Jim are simplifying and focusing on exciting new creative areas and so have decided to close the shop in Taos. Yes, the Blue Fish store in Taos, NM has closed, but there is a new store called True North Home and Apparel in it’s place. True North Home and Apparel is carrying many different brands of clothing, select home furnishings, and they are still carrying some Blue Fish too! When in town stop in to say “hi” and wish the new owners Jesse and Iris Leahy the best of luck in their new adventure! They have retained the old Blue Fish phone number, so if that is your contact for Blue Fish you may want to make a note that it is True North now, and note our main Blue Fish number below.

IMPORTANT: If you want to see the full range of Blue Fish or need specific sizes, colors or prints, call us in Fairfield at 800-395-4566 or visit us in Frenchtown, NJ 908-996-3720.
You can easily order online; or call for personal shopping assistance and suggestions. We are always happy to help you find your Blue Fish at our800 number, (800-395-4566) and online.

Looking forward to talking soon.. When you feel the need to treat yourself to a special piece of Blue Fish, we will help you choose from our artful racks!

Thanks and all the best,

Jennifer Barclay, Jim Leahy and all of us at Blue Fish

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Size Guide


Blue Fish sizing is uniquely ours. We have developed this system to fit many body types, shapes, & heights comfortably. Here is the Blue Fish size chart and its traditional size equivalent:

00 – only available in select styles. fits up to size 6

0 – fits up to size 10

1 – fits ups to size 16

2 – fits up to size 22

3 – only available in our studio tees & some tunics. fits up to size 26

O/S – one size that fits most customers

Remember that each style is unique & has different measurements--please check the size chart on your item of interest for exact measurements! One style may fit you differently than other styles you have worn before and we strongly recommend checking the measurements before making your purchase.


You might wear a combination of sizes depending on your body shape and how you prefer the drape of your clothing. For instance, you might wear a size 0 pants and a size 1 top. If you prefer looser, more flowy clothing, size up--if you prefer more fitted pieces, choose those closer to your actual measurements. We provide measurements for each style so you can find the best fit for the way you like to wear your Blue Fish.  

If you ever have questions about the fit of our clothing, just give us a call! We will help you find the specific styles that will work best for you. Call us at 800.395.4566 M-F from 9-5 CST to speak to our personal shoppers. You can also email us with any questions at